The Leaves | Leaving the Body

Sep 12, 2022 | Healing, Life

One of the things I have struggled with over the years is what Western medical professionals call “disassociation”.

.sdf.I call it “leaving my body” because that’s exactly what happens.

It’s an automatic survival response mechanism that I and countless people over the world encounter when we are confronted with certain amounts of copious stress or trauma – or in situations where we are reminded of times when we were overly stressed and in trauma.

During these times of disassociation, our brains send signals to our body that “it’s not safe to be here” and so our mind and body does what it is naturally designed to do – it preserves itself. The body shuts down its senses in order to survive the attack in hopes that when it is over, the spirit can again enter the body and resume living.

The main point of this system that Creator built within us, is to ensure the survival of our spirit here on Earth. IF something against our nature is happening to us (sexual, verbal, mental assault, threats of violence to us or the ones we love, etc) we are designed to separate ourselves from the attack as much as possible with great love and faith knowing that IF WE SURVIVE, our spirits can come back into our bodies and we can seek recovery from the attack that may have harmed us physically.

Creator gave us this system knowing that this world is the most difficult to live in and that attacks are likely to happen and extremely challenging situations are bound to be placed in front of us. The system ensures that we can “get back up” and continue doing the work we prayed to do here on earth. We are THOSE types of warriors. We love THAT big.

Some of us were trained to “freeze” during these attacks. Some of us were trained to “run”, and some of us were trained to “fight back”. Not one is “better” than the other. But we typically do the one that we were “allowed” to do in our household growing up.

For me, I freeze. If I tried to run or fight back, the “punishment” would be worse.

Today, as I walk my dogs down the little dirt road near my house, and see the leaves begin to fall with the changing of the seasons, I am reminded of just how grateful I am for this system of survival. It kept me alive for so many years so that I could rise each day and continue fighting for the ones I love despite the hardships placed in front of me.

I thank Creator and the Ancestors for answering so many of my prayers and know, that with the changing of the seasons, more answers to prayers are on their way.


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